Alumni can help students get placed at their respective organisations. (3) Mentorship and Scholarships – alumni can play an active role in voluntary programmes like mentoring students in their areas of expertise. They could also play a significant role in contributing scholarships to deserving students.
Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is crucial to an institution’s success. so we request all JCET alumni to be in touch with us through various modes.
The alumni can contribute by providing their expertise in their occupation in developing new students in JCET. Alumni can contribute as a guest lecturer, advisor in committees, industry experts and cooperative partners in projects with the university. This will improve the development of their alma mater.In the field of industry research, alumni can open doors for JCET to enter into industry networks either in India or overseas in the spirit of collaborative working.
Success in alumni knowledge transfer will further improve the capacity and the reputation of the JCET with significance nationally and internationally.

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